The Quantum Pendant can:
* Improve mood and mental outlook (proven in negative-ion studies and customer feedback)
* Improve resistance to Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) emitting devices (computers, hard drives, TV, microwave, hair dryer, etc.)
* Boost immunity by reducing red blood cell clumping
* Reduce pain and inflammation

The Quantum Pendant will benefit:
* Anyone who is exposed to electronic devices daily
* Anyone who wears shoes all day
* Anyone who lives in an urban environment
* Anyone who doesn’t make contact with the natural earth frequently throughout the day

The Quantum Pendant emits between 3,500 to 5,000 negative ions depending on the size of the design.

It comes with a rubber protector which has also been infused with Icelandic volcanic ash emitting out approximately 1,200 ions. Each necklace includes an ion charged card containing Icelandic volcanic ash emitting 2,800 ions. This card can be carried with you in your wallet or pocket for additional benefit.

Available in Original, Flame Teardrop and Ancient Cross designs.

ORIGINAL-PENDANT- Allison Greenbaum

FLAME-PENDANT Allison Greenbaum







Energy Pet Tag ($30)
* A simple yet powerful way to boost your pet’s health! The negative ion and tourmaline technology provides more energy, better healing and strength to your pet’s life.

* Better Immunity (Less Illness)
* Boosted Energy (Less Fatigue)
* Increased Endurance (Better Exercise)
* Better Balance, Flexibility and Strength

Available in Blue, Black, Red
Beneficial for all sized pets

PET-TAG-Allison Greenbaum 1






Forever Living Product Line
I’m happy to be your local distributor!

You will see a multitude of healthy products related to nutrition, supplements, drinks, weight management, bee products, personal care, skin care and cosmetics.

They offer an excellent business opportunity as well!

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