Robert De’mares:
If anyone is looking for great massage no need to look any further. Allison Greenbaum’s massage is a great way to recharge and de-stress. She is professional, clean and refreshing.

Francoise Blanchard:
I am a busy professional always on the run and started to feel a little bit tired and drained the past few years. I felt many blockages in my energetic system and tried many different things to help me out but with no or minimal success… until I met Allison. I went for a 90 minute session that included a Swedish Massage, Reiki, Micro Current Pulse Stimulation, Guided Visualization and Reflexology and boy it was good. It took me only 1 session to see dramatic changes and I feel 10 times better than before. The changes also seem to be permanent thanks to the Micro Current Pulse Stimulation device. I will go again in a couple of months to complete my treatment since the first session was very effective. Thank you Allison for the outstanding work!

Josh Medad:
After returning home from a 90 minute session with the magical Allison Greenbaum I had to tell everyone about it. Probably the best massage/energy session I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend you give her a try!

Jodi Foreman:
Omg I had a total transformation! In 1 hour all of my physical pain is gone and I feel a happy feeling inside which I haven’t felt for a while, thanks to masseuse Allison Greenbaum. Worth every cent. Best gift you can give yourself or a loved one.

Missy McQuillan:
Yesterday I had a steam, sauna, whirlpool and massage by an RMT and it wasn’t even a fraction of how rejuvenated I feel today after Allison Greenbaum’s 90 minute mind, body and spiritual healing experience in her zen-like environment. I’m definitely coming back to see her to continue on my healing journey. I suggest everyone contact her!!

Thomas Marchese:
Wonderful session today Allison! Out of all the therapists I’ve been to in the city you’re the best one.

Adam Zippan:
One of the best massages I’ve ever had the other day! My legs are stress free now. Thanks again.

Reg Whiten:
Allison doesn’t just offer you a superb holistic health treatment. She makes it a truly energized experience with her kind heart, competent hands and wise words!

George Molson:
Thanks for your help when I was down, this chick’s healing really works, and now I’m better. I never believed in energy healing until now.

Nicolett Jakab:
Thank you for a much needed healing session! You moved the energy in me and even days after I feel balanced. . . You’re a gifted healer.

Sabrina Beans:
Thanks for the great treatment today! I left feeling really open, positive and light-hearted – like my old self again. I was feeling so great that I was talking to strangers and smiling at everyone on the way home. Thank you!

Julie Brookes:
The aromatherapy massage was Amazing!!! See you again soon.

Rob Weingust:
Thanks for the awesome massage Allison Greenbaum. It was one of the best I’ve have had in a while. Would definitely go to you again and tell my friends. I feel great today. . . so thanks!

Shay Steinberg:
Omg what an amazing experience to have your hands imbuing me with renewed energy. I feel like myself again after many weeks of being “stuffed up” all over my body.

Graham Stevens:
Need a massage check out Allison Greenbaum! Went to see her yesterday and I can honestly say my body feels more relaxed today. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting a massage.

James Moore:
Had the best massage today! The best I’ve ever experienced! Anyone in the Toronto area or not even in the Toronto area should go see Allison Greenbaum! Defiantly a master at what she does. A person who is very dedicated to her work and a pleasure to talk with.

Carly Jackson:
Hey Allison, thanks for coming over to give a 90-minute massage yesterday. Best and most intensive massage ever! (and I say that after trying several massage therapists over the last few years). I swear you can see with your hands. Thanks again!

Michelle Lampert:
About to have a restorative massage by the very talented Allison Greenbaum in the privacy of my own home. If you haven’t experienced her yet, I highly recommend you give her a call. Can’t wait!

Jesse Sibilin:
I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt in my entire life! Thank you Allison Greenbaum!

Ingrid Sheriff:
Yesterday I had a wonderful massage and energy healing treatment from Allison Greenbaum. I felt like a cloud had lifted and I slept like a baby. Her rates are very reasonable as well. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment, you’ll be glad you did.

Richard Jundis:
After a week of gym and Jui Jitsu training I was in need of some body repair. Thanks Allison for another amazing treatment, I feel relaxed but also re-energized.

Tiffany Chinapen:
Whether it’s to cure the back to school blues or to take a moment of stillness and sweetness in the middle of chaos, a massage and energy healing treatment from Allison Greenbaum is always the best solution. Friends, I highly recommend you try!

Amy Aitkins:
I had yet another quality massage from Allison last week. It was again wonderfully relaxing and an awesome experience. I do recommend her.

Jody Tepperman:
Just had the most relaxing massage by a little angel. I feel awesome and didn’t want it to end because it felt so good. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Allison Greenbaum!

Michael Lewis:
Spring has sprung in more ways than one! Just received a massage and energy healing treatment from the very talented Allison Greenbaum. I feel amazing — like fresh soil soaking up the sun allowing me to feel enriched and renewed. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone!

Lisa Richter:
Just got the most amazing, replenishing massage from Allison Greenbaum. Not just saying this because she’s one of my dearest friends, girl’s got mad skills.

Alexis Algu:
My treatment yesterday was a relaxing experience. It was very healing and a good detox. Thank you Allison Greenbaum, you’re amazing!

Alison McDonald:
Thank you Allison Greenbaum for an invigorating experience and an amazingly relaxing great massage.

Matt Webber:
Received a very relaxing professional massage from Allison Greenbaum. Reasonable rates, great attitude and positive energy. Keep up the great work Allison.

April Burgess:
Thank you Allison Greenbaum for such a wonderful and therapeutic massage! It was such a unique and great experience and I cannot wait for our next session.

Brian Labelle:
I’m feeling great today after Allison Greenbaum’s professional massage and energy healing treatment.

Dezz Bov:
Worth the trip to the big city for all you 905’ers and worth a home or office visit for all of you in Toronto. You have no excuse not to get or give the best present this year.

Stephanie Silverberg:
Received a very soothing healing and massage treatment from Allison at the Magic Christmas Market. She is a very talented therapist with various instruments to help with healing and massage therapy.

George S K Hardy:
I’m feeling wonderfully calmly mellowly awake. I just had my first ‘real’ massage from Allison Greenbaum, a birthday present from my good friend. It was a wonderful relaxing and invigorating experience and I would recommend it and Allison unreservedly.

Daniel Majakowski:
Allison Greenbaum and her energy massage is the best holiday gift you can send to a loved one.

Albert Belo:
Looking for a massage or energy treatment? I highly recommend connecting with Allison. She is amazing! Also a great gift idea this time of year or great for corporate events. Enjoy!

Nawar Nory:
Allison thanks for the amazing massage and energy cleansing that you’d done. It was a great and very relaxing experience; totally worth it.

Richard Baker:
Had a great first holistic health treatment with Allison! A real powerful way to keep a body in top shape. Thanks Allison.

Tanya Dunn:
Hello Allison! Thank you for the relaxing, rejuvenating & much needed wonderful treatment yesterday. It really helped to balance my equilibrium and give myself some much needed self-care!

Amanda Rosen:
Recently had a real massage (from Allison Greenbaum) for the first time, and I can feel the improvement in my body from the aches and pains. . . Looking forward to making this a therapy for life. Cheers!

Jo Cera:
If you need some ideas for a valentine’s gift or if you ever want to treat yourself just because you deserve it, check out Allison Greenbaum she is great!

Stephen James Wood:
Great massage and therapy from Allison Greenbaum. Highly recommended.

Drew Baillie:
Thank you Allison Greenbaum for an amazing massage! Crazy relaxed and I smell like a bakery! Yum. I’m going to sleep well tonight!

Heidi Michelle Thomas:
Want a hotties healing hands all over you? Go get a holistic healing massage from the lovely Ms. Allison Greenbaum! I’m feeling relaxed.

Julie Brookes:
Great massage and energy healer. I highly recommend her.

Shan Janmohamed:
Ended the week with a relaxing massage with reiki and acupressure. For healing, pampering or gifting contact Allison.

David Carmichael:
Allison Greenbaum could raise the dead with her amazing massage. Book an appointment before the rest of the world discovers this natural wonder.

Matthew Dunbar:
Allison Greenbaum thanks for the wonderful, soothing, relaxing massage last Tuesday night. It helped me relax and calm myself. You are a wonderful, talented lady.

Suzanne Farkas:
I feel so much better after a wonderful session with Allison’s energy and massage healing.

Heidi MacKay:
I was soooo impressed with the massage work that Allison Greenbaum did for me last week I had to do a ‘shout out’! This is a Testimonial Video I made for her.