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Allison is a free spirit who loves to explore and learn. She is passionate about health and environmental causes and her mission is to make the world a better place. For 7 years Allison spent more than 6 months of the year living and backpacking throughout South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Her favourite places include Thailand, Cambodia, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Australia.

She has counselled people aged 12 to 65 with various mental health issues for 8 years while living in Canada and the USA and once published a successful coupon and resource book for green and healthy living called ‘The Little Green Book of Big Savings.’

Allison used to be the host of a live internet show that followed her adventures around the city. Her show was voted in the top 5 by viewers across Canada. Following Hurricane Katrina Allison helped create 3 distribution centres while volunteering in New Orleans. She has been to the legendary Burning Man Festival 8 times since 2001 and is one of the founding Toronto Burning Man community members.

Her Designations:

* Holistic Health Practitioner (specializing in massage), Honours
* Reiki Master
* Yoga Master
* MPS Pain Therapy Practitioner
* Axiatonal Alignment Practitioner
* Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Honours
* Social Worker (B.S.W.), Honors